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Dir Adam Dzienis
FILM IN A SECTION OUT THE COMPETITION   The author talked to 12 people from the Rasta Culture in Poland. They discussed the 12 functions of „Twelve Tribes of Israel” (Rastafari organization in Jamaica) like faith, zeal, elimination, prayer, love and judgement. The music was composed by Aldubb from Germany and Jah Seal from Ireland. Graphics were made by two artists from Jamaica: Michael Thompson and Mau Mau. Images were made by Tomasz Kempa from Poland.   Adam Dzienis was born in 1974 in Białystok. In 1997 he graduated from Warsaw’s Academy of Dramatic Arts. Author of a documentary on Jamaica Paths Into Marley (2008, TVP Kultura). Screenwriter and director of a movie-style TV show Łossskot (2007–9, TVP1). Winner of the 2010 EBU Connect Award for his Tour de Pologne promo (2009, Eurosport).  
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4th screening of works in the COMPETITION - HALL
1. Altina Asier, Soroa, 2014, Spain  00:12:32
2. Ewa i Jacek Doroszenko, The same horizon repeated at every moment of the walk,  2014, Poland 00:02:05
3. Margarita Novikova, Seasicknesses, 2013, Russia
Filmed during a 1-month expedition in Pacific. The main idea of the film was to match the largeness and greatness of the ocean and its cosmic rhythm of rolling eternity with small human beings on the ship on the ocean, fussy and busy with their minor problems. People (sailors, scientists and poachers) are present in the video as voices only – they are reasoning, discussing, talking with each other about some simple things and sometimes questionable dealings – and the ocean sounds and moves alone in the frames. The ocean does not care about them or their business.
Margarita Novikova 
Margarita Novikova was born in Moscow and worked at a documentary film studio while studying at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). She graduated with a degree in Engineering. She later studied at the TV department of the Faculty of Journalism at the Moscow State University. Novikova worked for several UK, French, US and Canadian TV crews who frequently visited post-Perestroyka USSR and Russia (1989–93). She collaborated with Alexander Selin, the author of paradoxical humour stories, on TV series – as film editor and a crew chief (1991–92). Between 1993 and 1994, she made documentaries for The Reporter programme on Russian TV. She graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (“Theory and Practice of Video Art” Course) in 2010. Member of the Moscow Artists Union since 2014. She took part in 4th and 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2011 & 2013); VIDEOAKT International Videoart Biennial (Barcelona, 2011); Video Art Festival Miden (Greece, 2013); “Cosmos on earth and in the sky” show (Gent, Belgium, 2013); Lost Spaces project (Berlin, 2014); Nomaden Kino programme (Berlin, 2014); Videoholica video art festival (Varna, Bulgaria, 2014); BRAVE NEW WORLD, a politically motivated screening, the Institut für Alles Mögliche (Berlin, 2014); Crosstalk video art festival (Budapest); BERLIN FÜR DIE UKRAINE Charity Art Auction, a coordinator (Berlin, 2015); Time is Love screening (San Diego, USA, 2015 and Tirana, Albania, 2015).
4. Marieke Job&Joris, Mute, 2013, Spain 00:04:00
5. Dominik Ritszel, Film o szkole, 2014, Poland 00:09:13
The video focuses on specific architectural elements in the space of the school, which create a symbolic game field between the students and the institution. The students’ silhouettes are inscribed into the growing rhythm of the building’s architecture; passages, dressing room, corridors, gyms etc. The building seems to be obsessed with organising and putting everything in order. Institutions take away the feeling of identity, imposing not only the discipline of given actions, but also the discipline of existence.
Dominik Ritszel was born in 1988 in Rybnik. He studied at the Faculty of Graphics at the Institute of Arts at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he did graphic arts. His works were exhibited, among others, at international video art festivals Les Rencontres Internationales (Gaîté Lyrique, Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and Video Art Review THE 02 Spaces as a tool for shaping social attitudes. He participated in group exhibitions, such as the Show Off Section at the Krakow Photomonth Festival (2013), Curators Network in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) in Krakow (2012), Mum, I just really need to focus on my art right now in the Arsenał Gallery in Poznan (2012), and in a collective exhibition presenting works of young Silesian artists Mleczne Zęby (Milk Teeth) in the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice (2013). He had solo exhibitions in the Centre for Contemporary Art Kronika in Bytom and in the Silesian Museum in Katowice. He was chosen among the three finalists of the Talenty Trójki 2013 contest in the Visual Arts category, he was short-listed for the Grey House Foundation Prize. In 2014 he was awarded the Young Poland Programme scholarship. In spring 2014 he stayed in the A-I-R Laboratory in the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle as an artist in residence, where he produced Versus presented in Bank Pekao Project Room in Warsaw. In 2015 he participated in a group exhibition Waiting for Better Times curated by Magda Kardasz (Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw).
6. Isabella Gresser, Nietzsche a Nice, 2013, Germany 00:05:00 
Friedrich Nietzsches „Noon and Eternity“ in times of mass tourism and digital viewing habits. A young tourist is mirroring himself on his tablet PC at the beach while in the air above Nice, up to 49.000 passengers a day, longing for happiness. Down at the beach they can watch themselves flying over. An animated screenplay frames the setting for Nietzsche’s thoughts out of his late work written in Nice. As if the sky embodies a dystopian image of “The eternal return of the same”.
Isabella Gresser is a visual artist living in Berlin since 1998. In addition to studies at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig with Marina Abramović, she has studied at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) as part of the Free Class. Her multilayered videos—in which distinctions between analog and digital technologies are foregrounded—encompass found-footage, drawings and photographs combined with literature. Main subjects in recent years have been Western and Eastern cultures, as well as sociology and philosophy referring to global tiredness and "Fatigue societies". She has been awarded residencies in Asian countries and her videos have screened at many international art and film festivals.                               
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  • Jury of 2nd stage: Wojciech Bąkowski
    Wojciech Bąkowski (born 1979)
    Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2005. Artist, poet, musician. Author of: animated movies, videos, audioperformances, alternative music, drawings and graphics. Member of music bands: KOT, Czykita, NIWEA. Since May 2007 along with Radosław Szlaga, Tomasz Mróz, Konrad Smoleński, Piotr Bosacki, Magdalena Starska and Iza Tarasewicz is a member of artistic group PENERSTWO.
    Winner of Deutsche Bank Prize “Views 2009”.
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  • Jury of 2nd stage: Mikołaj Trzaska
    Mikołaj Trzaska – born in Gdańsk, saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer, grew out of yass – a socio-artistic movement that in the 80-ties/ 90-ties opposed the rigidity of Polish jazz environment. Together with Tymon Tymański and a group of other musicians free from any doctrine they changed the image of Polish jazz music. Trzaska was the co-founder of the most important yass group – legendary Miłość and of as creative Łoskot. Although the impetus of yass faded away many years ago he became the leader of national improvisation scene. After the yass period he recorded a few concentrated and quiet albums with the section of Oleś brothers. He also accompanied poets – Świetlicki and Andrukhovych, he created muical – literary projects with Andrzej Stasiuk.
    Today he is the leader of international trio Volumen and the member of among others Resonance of Ken Vandermark, Magic – Joe McPhee or Shofar trio with Raphael Rogiński and Macio Moretti – playing Jewish music. But above all he realizes himself in the radical contemporary free jazz. He travels around the world cooperating with personalities of world improvisation among others with Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermak, Peter Friis Nielsen, Clementine Gasser, Pete Ole Jorgensen, Michael Zerang, Franz Houtzinger, Jay Rosen, Domik Duval, Mark Sanders. He has recorded around thirty albums.
    Miłość - Miłość 1992 with Leszek Możdżer, Tymon Tymański, Jacek Olter )
    Taniec Smoka - Miłość 1994 with Maciej Sikała, Leszek Możdżer, Tymon Tymański, Jacek Olter 
    Koncert w Mózgu - Łoskot 1994 with Olo Walicki, Jacek Majewski, Szymon Roriński Jacek Olter
    Not Two Miłość and Lester Bowie 1995 with Maciej Sikała, Leszek Możdżer, Tymon Tymański, Jacek Olter 
    Cześć, Cześć, Cześć - Mikołaj Trzaska 1995
    Asthmatic - Miłość 1995 
    Sport i Religia - NRD 1998
    Amariuch - Łoskot 1998 with: Olo Walicki, Piotr Pawlak, Tomasz Gwinciński 
    Talkin’ About Life And Death - Miłość and Lester Bowie 2000
    Cierpienie i Wypoczynek - Duo Trzaska Świetlicki 2000; 
    Śmierdzące Kwiatuszki - Łoskot 2000
    Baldes Trzaska and Cezary Ostrowski 2001
    Pieszo -Teather and Movies works by Trzaska  2001
    Mikro Musik - Oleś/Trzaska/Oleś with Marcin and Bartłomiej Brat Oleś 2002
    La Sketch Up - Oleś/Trzaska/Oleś with Marcin and Bartłomiej Brat Oleś 2003; 
    Dni Krytyczne - Mikolaj Trzaska 2003 – line up )
    Danziger Straßenmusik - Mikołaj Trzaska with Marcin and Bartłomiej Oleś 2004
    Unforgiven North with Peter Friis Nielsen and Peeter Uskyla 2004
    Andruchoid with Jurij Andruchowych, Wojciech Mazolewski, Macio Moretti 2005
    Sun - Łoskot with: Olo Walicki, Piotr Pawlak, Tomasz Gwinciński 2005
    Noc - Trzaska & Wirkus with Paul Wirkus2005
    Suite For Trio + 4 with Oleś Barthers and Jean Lukiem-Cappozzo 2005
    Malamute - North Quartet with Peter Brötzmannm, Mikolaj Trzaksa, Peter Friis Nielsen and Peeter Uuskylą 2005
    Orangeada - Trzaska, Peter Friis Nielsen and  Peeter Uuskylą 2006
    Kantry - Stasiuk by Trzaska with Jarogniew Milewski, Johannes Frisch, Abbas Zulfugarof, Olo Walicki,  Paul Wirkus, Tomasz Gwinciński, Jarek Czarnecki 2007
    Volume - Aeter z Friisem Nielsenem i Peterem Ole Jorgensenem2007
    Shofar - Shofar with Raphael Rogiński and Macio Moretti 2007
    Intimate Conversations Joe McPhee, Mikołaj Trzaska and Jay Rosen 2007
    Resonance - Ken Vandermark with Dave Rempis, Tim Daisy, Michael Zerang, Steve Swel, Magnus Bro,  Yourij Yaremchuk, Mark Tokar, Per Ake Holmlander 2008
    Nadir & Machora with Clementine Gasser and Michael Zerang 2009
    Resonance - Ken Vandremark 10 CD’s box, 2009 with Dave Rempis, Tim Daisy, Michael Zerang, Steve Swel, Magnus Bro,  Yourij Yaremchuk, Mark Tokar, Per Ake Holmlander.
    Goosetalks - Peter Brotzmann, Mikołaj Trzaska and Johannes Bauer 2010
    Dom Zły - Soundtrack - Mikołąj Trzaska Soundtrack, with Clementine Gasser, Clayton Thomas, Michael Zerang, Szwelas 2010 
    Magic - Joe McPhee,  Mikolaj Trzaska, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen 2010
    Larks Upraising as IRCHA - Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quintet fit. Joe McPhee, Joe McPhee, Wacław Zimpel, Paweł Szamburski, Michał Górczyński 2010
    Don't Live Us Alone At Home - Mikolaj Trzaska / Tomasz Szwelnik, 2011.
    Last Train To The First Station - Reed Trio - Ken Vandermark, Mikołaj Trzaska, Wacław Zimpel 2011
    Kafka In Fly - Resonance - Ken Vandremark 10 CD’s box, 2009 with Dave Rempis, Tim Daisy, Michael Zerang, Steve Swel, Magnus Bro,  Wacław Zimpel, Devin Hof, Mark Tokar, Per Ake Holmlander. 2011
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Festival IN OUT
Animations/Documentaries/Short films/ Experiments/Short video forms /Concerts
This year we invite artists to take part in the contest for the best:
Animations/Documentaries/Short films/ Experiments/ Videoideo forms with the theme: sound/image
The contest has two stages, during the first one, until 10th of April 2015 the jury will choose 25 artists whose works would qualify to the second stage and those will be presented during the reviews and exhibitions is CCA Łaźnia. Artists will be invited to the contest in Gdańsk. The prizes will be funded by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship Mieczysław Struk and by the National Audiovisual Institute. The members of the jury are: Mikołaj Trzaska, Wojciech Bąkowski i Frieder Schlaich.
First prize in amount of 8 000 PLN (approximately 2 000 Euro) funded by National Audiovisual Institute
Second prize  in amount of 4 000 PLN (approximately 1 000 Euro) funded by the the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk
In addition to the prize money will be awarded honorable mentions.  The best video works will also be made available  on the website of the National Audiovisual Institute ( and released on DVD.
The contests is directed at visual and film artists over 18.
Duration of the video: from 1 to 20 minutes.
The work should not be older than 3 years.
Deadline for applications with legibly filled with attachments is the 31st of March 2015.
Terms and required attachments for download:


Honorary Patronage of the project is held by the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship Mieczyslaw Struk.
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